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Linda Barber, CTIE
36 reviews
100% Recommended
25 Years of Experience
Linda Barber, CTIE
Nelson, BC
iLand Luxury Travel, a Travel Leaders Network Affiliate Agency
Destination Specialties:Worldwide,Africa,Antarctica,South America,Europe
Interest Specialties:Luxury Cruises,Bespoke Travel,Expedition Cruises,Adventure,Safari,Canoeing & Rafting
DRO says
"We began working with Linda over a decade ago. She offered customized service which met our requirements. Since then she has planned a number of trips for us. All but two was completely customized for the two of us. She "...Read More
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Gayle White
15 reviews
100% Recommended
Gayle White
RPO Copperfield, Calgary, AB
Sundial Travel Club Inc., a Travel Leaders Network Affiliate Agency
Sundial Travel's Worldwide Travel Consultant
Destination Specialties:Costa Rica,Cancun,South Africa,Cozumel,Machu Picchu
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Destination Weddings,Escorted Tours,Cruises,Adventure,Canoeing & Rafting
Travelguy says
"As for booking with Gayle….. she made it very easy for us to use her as she provided me with a lot better service than the agents we’ve used elsewhere. Gayle always answer my questions very fast, and provided me with a lot "...Read More
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Laura RM
25+ Years of Experience
Laura RM
Winnipeg , MB
A full-service Travel Leaders Associate Agency
Cruise and Destination Travel Agent Expert
Destination Specialties:Atlantic Ocean,Caribbean,Antarctica,Mexico,Greece
Interest Specialties:Cruises,Luxury Cruises,Small Ship Cruises,Expedition Cruises,All Inclusive,Canoeing & Rafting
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