by Erica Moody

A Cruise to Curacao

We’ve all heard of Aruba and possibly Bonaire, but how many of us know about the island of Curacao? This lesser-known gem of the three ABC Islands in the Southern Caribbean is worth visiting for its blue beaches, bright homes and diverse cuisine. Thankfully, when we’re ready to make a trip to see the island for ourselves, Norwegian Cruise Line has it on the itinerary. Talk with your travel advisor about cruises that stop in Curacao and in the meantime, read ahead for reasons to start packing your beachwear for the Dutch Caribbean.

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Cocktails & Cuisine

Curacao is famous worldwide for its tangy orange liqueur that’s often flavored with blue artificial coloring. Try a drink made with curacao in the place where it’s been distilled and bottled since 1896, or better yet, pay a visit to the distillery for a guided tour. At ‘Chobolobo's Cocktail Workshop', you’ll learn you how to make your own curacao drinks. But cocktails aren’t all Curacao is known for. Its food scene is thriving and unique with menus that include diverse items like fried Dutch meatballs and Antillean goat stew. Barbeque is delicious from a local food truck like BBQ Express, and many restaurants have stunning oceanfront seating.

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Willemstad, Curaçao

Unique Architecture

Photos of Curacao tend to focus on its rows of brightly colored homes in every shade of the rainbow which look like a candy-coated mini-Amsterdam. The unique blend of Dutch and Spanish colonial styles gives the island’s architecture a distinct character all its own. This style is particularly striking in the capital city of Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage City, where romantic cobblestone alleyways, open-air plazas and renovated hotels add to its charm.


Beach Activities

Snorkeling, diving and swimming with turtles are all popular activities for travelers to Curacao. Shete Boka National Park is nesting grounds for several types of sea turtle; its hiking trails with panoramic ocean views are also splendid. And the island’s beautiful clear Caribbean waters with amazing coral reefs and sunken ships are perfect for ocean adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling. Waters are a pleasant temperature year-round and the island’s dive sites don’t see strong currents, so beginners are safe to dive in without fear.

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Cas Abao Beach


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