3/10/2023     by Justin Gibson

Some High-Level Ideas to Ponder When Thinking About a Destination Wedding

So you’ve just started thinking about a destination wedding — that’s great! Chances are, you’re going to be diving into dozens (if not hundreds) of extensive, detailed checklists and guides in the coming months. Take a breath: It’s early, you still have plenty of time to figure things out, no need to stress right now. This is just a quick primer of some high-level ideas to ponder; ideally you’re reading this on the couch during commercial breaks of bingeing your favorite show with your fiancée (or fiancé). Here are a few helpful big-picture considerations for your destination wedding.
Romantic dinners on the beach are a nice perk to a destination wedding.

Legal or Symbolic?

It’s a personal preference thing — is your wedding going to be the moment in time where you’re officially wed, or would you rather sort that out behind the scenes on a separate day? The question is doubly important with destination weddings: If your destination wedding is in a different country, that choice brings with it a whole host of exciting new paperwork, legalities and fees to navigate.


Live music: just another variable you don't need to plan with an all-inclusive resort.

Currency Conversions & Carry-Ons

When considering where you want to tie the knot, consider the local currency. More specifically, consider what that local currency is worth in your currency. Your home currency may not stretch that far in some parts of the world, so that Italian villa, Greek isle or gorgeous French chateau could jump up in cost. In other countries, the conversion rate could be far more favorable for an out-of-town experience.

Add to that the cost of party favors, wedding dresses, tuxedos, bottles of bubbly, your dancing shoes and any other odds and ends. Never mind the price disparity — imagine the cost of carrying them via baggage to the destination. If you have the time, consider if there are any items that you could shop locally for in the lead-up to your wedding. A foreign shopping spree through chic boutiques could be a fun treat, and infuses an extra degree of meaning to your big day.


It's hard to beat this view for your ceremony.

The Right Venue for You …

… Is the one that feels less like work and more like play. Sure, you could spend days scouring the internet for some charming church or quaint event space … or you could turn your attention toward all-inclusive resorts. The benefits are myriad: a centralized hub for your guests; a one-stop-shop when it comes to coordinating things like catering, DJs, flowers and photography; and 9 times out of 10 — gorgeous views.

That last one is especially true with any of Palace Resorts' properties. With five-star, all-inclusive oceanfront properties spread out across Mexican and Jamaican shores, you’re never left wanting for a breathtaking beach or marvelous tropical vista. What’s more, Palace Resorts' in-house wedding planning team translates to less stress for you — they offer a variety of designer themes, irresistible offers and benefits (think free rooms, cocktail parties, receptions and more) on top of luxe honeymoon packages. Nobody said your big day had to be difficult or complicated; Palace Resorts helps ensure it’s a breeze.

And for everything else — coordinating the hotel stays of your wedding party, making sure your future in-laws make their connecting flight or getting the best deal on all your travel — know that your trusted travel agent is on the job. Not only can you kick back on a tropical beach with the assurance that your travel agent is handling any surprise curveballs life throws at you, but you can also rest easy knowing that our agents know Palace Resorts well, so we can help you unlock exclusive perks and amenities on top of already existing perks and amenities.


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