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Our travel agents are respected worldwide by a massive network of cruise, resort and tour companies, giving us special advantages to making your vacation truly unique.

Travel better with a personalized travel experience

There are full-service TL Network travel agencies located throughout North America to help you travel better on your next leisure vacation or business trip.

TL Network travel agents will take the time to understand your unique travel interests and aspirations, until we “get you.” We then use our education, first-hand travel experience and relationships with airlines, car, hotel, resort, tour and cruise supplier partners to make sure you enjoy an exceptional personalized travel experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

We are your personal travel advocate to help you with everything from getting you on the next flight, if your flight is canceled, to searching through all of the options to find you the right vacation package, cruise, shore excursions, restaurants and more. We will provide you with tips, advice and insights that only a trained and experienced travel professional can offer. We live and love travel and welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you travel better.

TL Network travel agents are experts who understand where you want to go, how to get you there and the priceless experiences you want to have. We get you and we get you there.

Our supplier partners

Our trusted partners help our travel agents provide you with above and beyond travel experiences. We have spent years building valuable relationships with our partners in the travel industry including cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, car rental companies and more. Our partners are best-in-class, and take excellent care of you, our valued customer.

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Our destination partners

We have partnered with the tourism boards of some of the most exciting destinations across the world to offer you the best vacation values and experiences. From Alaska and Australia to Fiji and Florida, our travel agents have worked with our destination representatives to receive specialized training and certifications. They are eager to offer you their expertise to help you plan your dream vacation to any of our distinctive destinations.

TL Network

TL Network is comprised of nearly 7,000 travel agency locations – more than one third of North America’s leading travel agencies. With over $17 billion in annual sales volume, TL Network is the largest seller of luxury travel, cruises, river cruises and tours in the travel agency industry

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With a name that boldly embodies our commitment to our vacation and business travel clients via a progressive approach toward each unique travel experience. As one of North America’s Top 10 travel companies, TL Network Group has assisted millions of travelers through our strong roots - the former Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates, TL Network and Tzell Travel Group joined together in 2008 to form one of the industry’s fastest-growing and robust networks of travel agents. TL Network-branded franchise travel agencies can trace its beginnings to 1984 as the Carlson franchise system “Ask Mr. Foster” Travel, which itself was North America’s first travel agency chain established in 1888.


In 2016, for the eighth year in a row, TL Network Group was the highest ranking travel management company in Business Travel News’ annual compendium. Business Travel News is considered “the voice of authority for corporate travel buyers throughout North America for over 20 years.” The rankings are based on the reported volume of airline transactions and verified by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), which is the premier financial transaction processing and settlement corporation that facilitates the distribution of travel products and related information.


Travel Weekly placed TL Network Group among the top North American travel companies in its 2016 Power List. Travel Weekly is billed as “the national newspaper of the travel industry.” The rankings are based on participating companies wholly-owned annual sales volume reported for 2015 and specifically do not include franchised operations. TL Network Group wholly-owned operations reported annual sales volume totals in excess of $4 billion for 2015; when franchised and affiliated sales are included, that number increases dramatically to approximately $21 billion.


Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 2016 listing named a TL Network Franchise Group brand as the top travel franchise brand for the 21st consecutive year. The rankings are largely based upon the overall number of locations each brand has.


Travel Weekly’s illustrious awards honor “The Best in the Travel Industry.” Travel Weekly awarded TL Network with three prestigious Magellan Awards in 2016. In the past five years alone, TL Network has been honored with a total of 80 Magellan Awards for its industry-leading programs.


Michael Batt

Michael Batt

Founder & Chairman, Internova Travel Group

Michael Batt is the Founder and Chairman of Internova Travel Group, a global leader providing travel services to corporate, leisure, luxury and
entertainment markets. Today, Internova Travel Group comprises more than 4,000 employees, 6,000 locations and over 65,000 travel
advisors in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Mexico, France and a presence in more than 80 countries.As chairman of Internova Travel Group
(formerly TL Network Group), Mr. Batt provides strategic direction for the company and has overseen its growth from a collection of successful
travel agencies to one of the leading forces in travel today. He has devoted his career to promoting the travel agency distribution channel and
the use of travel advisors to enhance the travel experience.Mr. Batt previously served as an executive with Carlson Companies where he was
President of Carlson Leisure Group (CLG) and a Board member of Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Under Mr. Batt, CLG grew significantly with sales
growing from a combined $2 billion in 1996 to over $5 billion in 2007.In January 2008, Mr. Batt led a management buyout of C...Read More ▼
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JD O'Hara

J.D. O’Hara

CEO, Internova Travel Group

J.D. O’Hara serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Internova Travel Group, one of the world’s largest privately-held travel services
companies providing unrivaled expertise in all facets of leisure, corporate and entertainment travel. With more than 4,000 employees,
Internova Travel Group (formerly TL Network Group) is comprised of more than 6,000 travel agency locations with over 65,000 travel advisors
in more than 80 countries. Mr. O’Hara became CEO of the company in January 2020 after having served as President.Mr. O’Hara’s core
tenets for Internova Travel Group’s success is to provide impeccable service to its travelers, the highest quality support and tools to its travel
advisors, and unsurpassed value to its preferred supplier partners.In May 2020, Mr. O’Hara announced a major reorganization of the company
by aligning its premium brands into several divisions, including ALTOUR, TL Network Group, Protravel International/Tzell Travel and Bonotel
Exclusive Travel. The reorganization is aimed at enhancing service and support for its advisors and agencies, increasing valu...Read More ▼
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John Lovell

John Lovell

President, TL Network Group

A travel industry executive for more than two decades, John Lovell, CTC, is President of TL Network Group, a division that includes Internova
Travel Group’s consortia operation, its large host agency and its wholly-owned cruise, leisure and specialty agencies.Mr. Lovell also oversees
the company’s partnerships with travel suppliers, which includes cruise lines, tour operators, car rental companies and travel insurance
entities.He is also responsible for the strategic operations, sales, marketing and overall growth of TL Network, which recently expanded into
80 countries. One of the largest travel agency organizations in North America, TL Network’s thousands of travel agency locations focus on the
sale of luxury travel, cruises, river cruises and tours, along with various other types of travel. TL Network was formed in 2016 when TL
Network Franchise Group, comprising TL Network Associates and Results! Travel, combined with Vacation.com. The TL Network Group
division also comprises several TL Network wholly-owned leisure businesses, including All Aboard Travel, CruCon Cruise Outl...Read More ▼
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Roger Block

Roger Block

President, TL Network

Roger E. Block is president of TL Network, part of TL Network Group, a North American travel company that generates gross travel sales
approaching $21 billion annually and directly employs over 1,000 staff managing operations of more than 7,000 company-owned, franchised
and affiliated travel agencies in the United States, Canada, Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia. Both TL Network and Travel
Leaders Group are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.In his current role, Mr. Block oversees the strategic development and growth of
TL Network. With nearly 7,000 Associate (franchise) and Member travel agencies in Canada and the United States, over 35,000 individual
travel agents and more than $17 billion in annual sales, TL Network Network is the largest seller of luxury travel, cruises, river cruises and
tours in the travel agency industry. TL Network was formed in 2017 when TL Network Franchise Group (TL Network Associates and Results!
Travel) combined with Vacation.com.Prior to serving as President of TL Network, Block served as the President of TL Network...Read More ▼
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